Our Big Dream

The Erik Foundation intends to build a full-service campus that will offer the four steps for success for our Veterans and Civilians.

This is our dream for you​


Medical: Embracing a variety of therapies and treatments, we will help you heal the wounds, seen and unseen.

Life Skills: Developing people with training into confident, self -reliant and productive members of their households and their communities.

Education: Offering career knowledge and skills through formal education, allowing you to put your mark on the world.

Housing: Living space will be available, establishing a sense of belonging and home while reaching your goals together as a team.

It is said that as many as 22 veterans take their lives daily.

What if we could get those 22 people into a situation where their basic needs were met as they received needed medical care and training in a mentoring environment emphasizing teamwork and trust?

Our Campus Layout

A special Thank You to Berks Technical Institute for saying yes and Jasha Kahl, a student of Drafting and Design at Berks Technical Institute in Wyomissing, PA. His amazing abilities bring dreams to life. If you are interested in contacting the designer, he specializes in residential homes and can be reached at info@kahlhomedesigns.com

Welcome Center

Living Quarters

Training and Learning Centers

Health and Healing Center